The Way Of Engaged Spirituality
  • The Way of Engaged Spirituality

    Integrating the inner life with creating just and sustainable communities.


Soujourner Poems Book

Sojourner Poems

Published on 21 Dec 2017
Sojourner Poems by Michael Dallaire is a slim collection (65 pages) of the author’s poems gathered around his experience of a sojourn through the Judeo Christian story.
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Teaching With The Wind

Published on 01 Jan 2011
“Dallaire argues that spirituality is the middle ground between the secular and the religious and it is in this space that we can renew education….The author calls on teachers to engage in their own spiritual practices so that their teaching comes not just from the head but the soul. I am
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Contemplation In Liberation

Published on 01 Jan 2001
“This is a very important book. It brings together areas of thought and experience that are often kept apart: contemplation and action, individual growth and public politics, spirituality and education.” Clive Beck, PhD, Professor, OISE at U of T.
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