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Ten percent of author’s royalties goes to support the work of the Stephen Lewis Foundation to fight AIDS in Africa and to Food Banks Canada.

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Sojourner Poems by Michael Dallaire is a slim collection of the author’s poems gathered around his experience as a sojourner through life interpreted through the Judeo Christian story. This publication was supported by Simon Fraser University and the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars’ Grant Program. This small, four by six-inch paperback is the perfect companion for the pocket, the purse, or the knapsack.

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In ‘Sojourner Poems’ Michael leads us on a journey to see the hidden in the midst of the natural
world — its beauty, joy, pain or sorrow.  Poetic imagery painted in word leaves one in
contemplation. It is a spiritual journey experienced and shared through the heart and eyes of a
Marlen Bosch, Ottawa

There is an intimacy about this small book of thought-provoking poems. It’s easy to carry around
and to read a poem or two at random. My copy automatically opens at ‘The River’

Oonagh, Vancouver

Time and again Michael Dallaire’s poems combine a keen eye for the natural world with his
personal spiritual struggles.

Chris Levenson, Poet, Vancouver

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