Strong Winds Blow

Apr 7, 2017 | Field Notes

The forecast is for strong winds to blow across the Lower Mainland today. Batten down the hatches, close the umbrellas, and watch out for falling branches. These winds are due to a change of weather systems and are to be expected during this time of spring.

Somehow this all seems fitting to me as well welcome the new life that comes with spring and the Christian feast of Easter. In our western culture we seem oblivious to the struggle that so often accompanies new life. Perhaps this is because so much of western culture is characterized by the masculine, with both its gifts and limitations, which often tends to minimize pain and struggle. But how different things would be if the feminine were given equal weight in the formation of our culture. The feminine knowledge of the struggle involved in giving birth, whether this birthing be a child or a creative work,  might inform our culture with a different set of gifts and limitations. Then perhaps we might have a more balanced culture, one in which the masculine and feminine, and the continuum between and beyond, could lead to a more humane world.

Perhaps this is what the strong winds blowing today are calling me to—a deeper awareness of the need for a more balance approach to my life, an approach that is more humane and holistic and which sustains rather than drains life. In the Christian tradition the Spirit is symbolized as wind and this seems appropriate to me for the Spirit moves amongst us, unsettles us, and draws us to the fullness of life. It is experienced differently for each of us. It was  a gentle whisper for Elijah, a rending of the skies for Christ at the Crucifixion, and a strong wind for the disciples of Jesus on Pentecost. Regardless of its manifestation, I find myself obligated to pay attention and to respond for after the wind blows new life inevitably comes.


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